WEBOX Automated, Secure Storage Solutions

WEBOX’s variety of automated storage solutions with automated payment, integrated networking, and RFID capabilities, are simple to deploy anywhere, easy to use and provide unique market leading convenience. With simplicity in mind in every design, we have the ideal solution for every market and location.


  • 2011 - Automatic storage locker provider for the 26th Shenzhen World University Games
  • 2011 - Established partnership relationship with Amazon
  • 2010 - Patent certificate for Electric Control Lock Device issued by the State Intellectual Property Office
  • 2009 - “Excellent Supplier" - People's Republic of China 11th Games
  • 2009 - Software copyright certificate of the ZHILAI UCR-Credit Card Storage Cabinet Management Software issued by the National Copyright Administration
  • 2008 - Automatic storage solution provider to the Beijing Olympic Games
  • 2006 - Products received the CE certification
  • 2004 - Received the certificate of Shenzhen Software Enterprise
  • 2002 - Software copyright certificate of All-in-one Automatic Storage Cabinet Management Software issued by the National Copyright Administration of The People’s Republic of China

Smart Parcel

Self service, climate controlled, electronic parcel delivery so packages can be dropped off anywhere and at any time of day. The system automatically generates a PIN code and sends to the customer over SMS text or email, making pickup available 24/7. All WEBOX lockers are equipped with, secure, patented solenoid locks.

Smart Storage

Smart storage or self service lockers can be deployed anywhere with foot traffic, including, supermarkets, shopping malls, theme parks, campuses and airports. Every box can be managed remotely at the customer's convenience.

Intelligent Sorting Machine

Improve sorting efficiency - our new patented intelligent recognition system optimizes the original sorting process and increases sorting efficiency.

  • Simple operation - the human interaction focused design makes it easy to use.
  • Automatic address identification - automated location finding allows for flexible network coordination and rapid deployment.
  • Error alarms - sound and light alarms reduce the number of issues.