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About Us

Webox Inc, subsidiary of Shenzhen Zhilai Sci And Tech Co., Ltd, provides business development, marketing, maintenance, deployment and after-sale services for the parant company... Learn More

Our Products

WEBOX storage solutions ensure the security and delivery of contents by combining the latest technology with the highest quality design and construction. Lockers feature embedded computing, machine scanning modules, wireless network modules and patented electronic control lock and management software. Steel construction, metal keyboards, industrial touch screens and LCD displays provide a secure storage environment.

Our Dedication

Webox is dedicated to solve the related applications and technology requests on storage and parcel delivery. Solving your locker problems is what we do best. We make sure everything is accurate before and after all installations.

Our Locker System

Only 4 steps for parcel locker operation: 1). Resident or E-commerce orders Package, 2). Package is delivered to the locker...

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Our Security

WEBOX supports many security capabilities including patented electromagnetic locking systems, sensor controls for door opening...

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Our Design Integrity

Design is in the soul of our business. WEBOX employs a highly meticulous and broad spectrum approach for industrial design, testing....

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Our Partners

Following in our parent company’s footsteps, WEBOX is building partnerships with Amazon, Smarte Carte, among other multi-national companies worldwide.Our team of professionals provides optimal support to customers across the globe.

Partnering with WEBOX is easy. We will completely customize your storage solutions to meet your needs. WEBOX lockers can be white labeled, using your company logo, images and colors. Our software can also be easily integrated into your existing system. WEBOX is committed to assisting our customers from initial setup to maintenance and support. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Solving your storage needs is what we do best.